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HolisticTemple - Nutritional Consultation
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We thrives to provide various holistic nutritional services focusing on personal and family health. We will analyze & design a diet & lifestyle program according to your individual needs which will provide you the key to maintain your health. All our services can be purchased online & you can book your appointment via email or phone.
http://www.holistictemple.caLast Updated on 9/21/2012
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Weight Watchers Canada
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Weight Watchers works because it’s not a diet. You’ll learn how to eat right & live healthy. Choose between two convenient options: Weight Watchers Meetings or Weight Watchers Online. At meetings, you’ll get support to stay on track. With Weight Watchers Online, you can follow the plan entirely online. Choose the option that’s right for you and start today.
http://www.weightwatchers.caLast Updated on 3/18/2016
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HolisticBuys - Nutrition and Wellness
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The NUTRILITE brand, exclusively from Amway, offers you and your family a range of supplements and other products designed to address the nutritional needs of anyone at any life stage. Product selection including Vitamins & Supplements, Sports Nutrition, Weight Management Products. HolisticBuys is an Amway partner and an approved reseller of NUTRILITE brand. Updated on 10/21/2013
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Amazon is taking on health food stores by delivering Natural & Organic food products directly to Canadians doorsteps. Selection includes natural & organic baby food, beverages, breakfast food, chocolates, snacks and more. Most of the food items can be shipped for free using their two-day subscription service, Amazon Prime. Updated on 12/24/2013
 Online Shops 
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View ratingAdd ratings is Canada’s largest online health & beauty store. sells over-the-counter medications, diabetic supplies, medical supplies, nutritional products, personal supplies, cosmetics, and more. ships to every province and territory in Canada.
 http://www.well.caLast Updated on 6/3/2009
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 An online store offering herb and natural health supplements. You can simply navigate through your health problem (i.e. allergies, sore muscles, cold & flu, etc) and they will suggest you the recommended supplements. They also offer late-breaking news and information about research and current treatment options via website, weekly email newsletters & catalogs.
 http://www.prohealth.comLast Updated on 5/27/2013
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 An eStore offering a collection of plant-based, whole food health products. Their products are popular with athletes, vegetarians and health-conscious consumers seeking a natural option in the highly processed supplement market. Vega’s feature product include The 'Vega One' which is an all-in-one, plant-based supplement.
 http://shopca.myvega.comLast Updated on 1/4/2013
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 Your well-being is our priority. We travel the four corners of the world in search of new, unique products that will powerfully support, rejuvenate and restore the functions of the human body. We only sell products that we consume and our health has been dramatically transformed by a diet of wholesome, raw and minimally processed foods.
 http://www.myhealthyoutlet.comLast Updated on 6/29/2013
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 Our goal is to help you improve your nutritional well-being through the use of quality herbal nutrition products. These products provide a great way to lose weight and to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. If you are a first time visitor, please take time to browse through our catalog and become familiar with our product line. Secure online shopping is available.
 http://herbal-nutrition.netLast Updated on 10/11/2008
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 We offer Canadians high-quality vitamins and nutritional supplements in formulations designed to address specific health concerns. All of the ingredients in our products are backed with scientific evidence so we’re confident they could work for you too. At Bel Marra Nutritionals, we're committed to your health and well being.
 http://www.belmarra.caLast Updated on 1/16/2015
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 Manufacture and sells high quality hemp food products. To ensure quality, Manitoba Harvest controls every aspect of the production process, from sourcing crops, to food processing to packaging and distribution. They produce hemp food products fresh daily. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils are manufactured with the utmost care using only the finest hemp seeds.
 http://www.manitobaharvest.comLast Updated on 12/10/2013
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 Low Carb Canada provides over 1200 low carb products to help Canadian customers with weight loss or diabetes without the use of drugs. Our signature products are our zero net carb breads, bagels, dinner rolls, and pizza crusts. We carry all Atkins products, Dixie Diners, Dreamfields Pastas, Muffin/Cake Mix etc.
 http://www.lowcarbcanada.caLast Updated on 4/10/2017
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 Nutrition House is a leading Natural Health Lifestyle store, with over 65 retail stores locations across Canada and United States. Our products include national brands of vitamins, supplements, body care and sports nutrition products as well as exclusive Nutrition House Extra products and co-branded Extra-value products.
 http://www.nutritionhouse.comLast Updated on 6/23/2012
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View ratingAdd ratings is Canada’s leading provider for Natural Health information and products (supplements, vitamins). customers count on us for the highest quality and most science-based products available today, along with the best customer service in the industry.we target the conditions that limit us most as we age, bringing information and products to extend life and wellness.
 http://www.zwell.caLast Updated on 10/26/2014
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